The Temptation Bus

Recently my kid sister and I went out on a little assignment, we had to take a bus and my goodness it was a re-awakening of the old Lagos experience; we got into this 'molue' bus with people parked up like Sardin.
We hadn't gone too far when the bus stopped and the driver and conductor started trying to fix it, then this woman behind me spoke up,"I talk am, this bus na just temptation bus, I talk am!"
In my mind I was like oh you knew the bus was a temptation bus and you entered, no wahala. They managed to fix the bus and the woman never stopped talking;"This bus eh, na really temptation bus""kai, wetin be this na"I became so tempted to say something but I held on.

The driver after stopping severally to pick passengers was finally cornered by a police truck and was asked to pay some nice NGN5,000 for picking up folks at the wrong place, then that fellow exploded!
"You see, temptation bus, I talk am oooo, e good as them catch am. I know say them go catch am"
For a second I thought, is this lady a witch? but on the contrary I knew she wasn't but that she was in the class of extremely negative folks who knew nothing about the power of the spoken word.
I sat down over the whole incidence and one thing that kept coming back to me was the very beginning words of that woman; "I talk am.

It became clear that she has been saying something before she entered the bus and when she eventually did. And it boils down to the very fact that in this NEW YEAR, your words will drive you faster than any moving machinery can and if you do not watch it, it would drive you down and bring you to a halt too soon.
Speak positive things even in the face of negativity, that's how to WIN!
Do not join the so many who will often say, "I am finished!" cos before you know it your prophecy might just come through and indeed you will be finished!

Do not say these children will kill me one day, cos they eventually will if you don't stop.
I need not remind you that it appears the negative things we speak happens faster than the positive things that we so proclaim. Well you see it simply because the world system is already structured in the negative direction and whenever you speak negative you naturally flow with the tides but to be positive always is to go against the tides and that is what I call you to do henceforth--GO AGAINST THE TIDES!

Never accept defeat
Never accept No for an answer
Never make a pact with mediocrity

With your words you can create these possibilities.I found myself in a bus which my fellow passenger defined as a 'temptation bus', I did nothing but watch her rant, listen up friends, in life what you have are ships:


If you wake up one day and find some folk in your ship talking negative stuff, and being pessimistic, do all you can to get them to talk right, if they refuse, get down or let them out of critical areas of your life, if you don't there is just one thing involved, YOU WILL CRASH WITH THEM.
That said you must also learn to differentiate pessimism from critical and needful analysis which aids peak performance and productivity.

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to a NEW YEAR, bear in mind, you shall have whatsoever you say negative or positive- Mark 11:23

Drive your world by your words.
Shared with me by a friend.
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