Things to consider if you like to make serious money from Blogging

Now that the holidays are gone,i think it is time we start preparing for the giants ahead of us in 2016 if we must end this year a Victor. Much as been said by men of God about this year 2016, some said it is going to be glorious year for individuals and the nation at large and to some God gave them the negative vision but i think its all depends on us to make the choice of the one to believe.
Moving away from that now to the main purpose of the day, my last post here on my blog and also on Nairaland was the piece where i discussed 5 creative money making business you can do without necessary having a capital to start. Out those 5 stated business one caught the attention of many which was BLOGGING. 

It is no news that there are many who are raking in millions on a monthly basis from the money wells of Blogging even here in Nigeria which many of us know and if you don't why not take your time to google out for " Top 10 Bloggers in Nigeria" to know much of this people and their lifestyle.
There is saying that says " If wishes are horses even beggars will ride" because many people are making money as a blogger now,  should we now come to the conclusion that  blogging is good for every goose and gander on the street? Capital 'NO'. 

Like every other business there are rules and ethnic to abide with before and during the practice. Well i believe blogging is a business and that's the reason it shouldn't be left out.
Today, i will like to discuss in summary things you need to put in place before and during your time as a victorious blogger. 

1. Yourself

When i started my journey as a blogger,  i made a great mistake by not asking myself this following questions.
* What i want to achieve in blogging?
* What Impact will i make both on myself as a blogger and the life of my reader?
Because you heard it in the news that Linda ikeji bought an Island as a celebrity blogger doesn't mean you must be one too or Are you Linda Ikeji?  No!  you are yourself and there is a definition for you are. So gather yourself first 

2. Content

This also drives back to the first point but this piece cannot be complete without me including this. You read Sport blogs not because you love colours of the blogs or the face of the blog owner, you are doing because you want to know what is the latest news going on with your favourite clubs and the blog serves you right. That is what i mean by content,what are you bringing on board or what will readers know you for. Today many know Linda Ikeji as one of the best blog spot to get juicy gists and celebrity gossips because that's her blog content and she does that very well. 

3. Consistency
Now that you must have define yourself  and what content you will like to blog on, the question now is how far you can go, What is your motivation? If your only motive is get money fast fast and quit then i will advise to simply take a bow and leave because blogging is not a quick rich scheme but i can assure you if you are consistent and aim driven without your blog you will not make money soonest there will be fame to butter your bread. 

I will like to stop here  and continue later on this blog and I hope this really helps,if you have got questions you can simply use the comment box or follow me on twitter @laidematthews and you can also add me on facebook
Love you
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